Streaming On The Hot 100 Chart

How Music Streaming Became a Major Component on the Billboard Hot 100

Oh, the Billboard Hot 100 chart, it’s still crazy after all these years. The chart continues to keep up with the modern times, but it keeps making changes to its system. Looking back, 1991 was the first year that the Hot 100 received a large-scale revamp. I mean, it was a pivotal year! First came the point-of-sales system and monitored airplay in 1991. In 1998, airplay tracks were included into the chart, without the benefit of a retail single. Moving ahead, the new millennium is here and these times were a-changing. Going to your local retail store became a thing of the past for purchasing the latest singles. Digital downloads (a.k.a. Mp3s) became the new way to purchase new songs and albums. Eventually, download sales were incorporated into the Billboard Hot 100’s parameters. This move proved to be an accurate way for tracking sales into the chart. Physical sales were largely negligible by the mid 2000s. The return of sales on the Hot 100 broke up the stagnation and brought back the chart action. The addition of digital sales was a much needed component for the Billboard Hot 100.

However, technology changes at a rapid pace in the 21st century. It’s hard enough to keep up with it! So what trend comes after downloading? Why, the next biggest thing is Streaming. You guessed it, the Billboard Hot 100 one again revamped its methodology. This time the policy changes pertained to streaming. It was a gradual process that took some time to incorporate.

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20 in 2020

Looking Back At a Year Of Volatile Chart Action on The Billboard Hot 100

It’s been a while since I have written anything here. I took a long breather from writing. Anyhow, 2020 has been a crazy year. It’s a year that will go down in history to be forgotten. As a way to escape the harsh realities of the year, we always have our music. Music helps us heal, relax and escape. 2020 will not be remembered as a great year. It’s comparable to a dream or even a nightmare! Even the Billboard Hot 100 reflected this crazy year.

The Billboard Hot 100 provided us with downright wacky results. There was so much volatility, while some songs also possessed amazing staying power. The turnover was unusually high at the top of the heap. How coincidental is it that there were 20 # 1 singles for 2020? I never thought that I would see this again on the Billboard 100. The crazy chart action was seen everywhere on the chart. There were many cases of here today, gone tomorrow. However, that is the nature of the business anyhow. Needless to say folks, let’s rewind through the top songs of the tumultuous year, 2020. I will be stepping through the year on a play-by-play analysis. Alright, let’s get to it!

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The Top 50 # 1 Singles Of The Billboard Hot 100

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No 1 logo

The Biggest Hit Singles Spending the Most Weeks at Number One on the Billboard Hot 100


I’m a roll with these hit lists. Recently, it was the all-time biggest # 2 hits. A while back, I compiled the biggest # 3 and # 4 hits. It was not necessarily in that order. It’s more like 3 ⇒ 4 ⇒ 2. So, now it’s all about # 1 hits! Yes, it is definitely time to give these songs their own spotlight. I mean, these singles/songs are the biggest # 1 hits in the history of the Billboard Hot 100 chart. There is never a dull moment here on Billboard’s own premier hit chart. Many popular artists have left their place in music history on the Hot 100. So, it’s time to give the biggest # 1 songs their proper recognition.

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The Ultimate # 2 Hits On The Hot 100

No 2 for blog

The Biggest # 2 Hit Singles in the History of the Billboard Hot 100 Chart


I have discussed in great detail about the biggest number one singles. In addition to that, I’ve jumped around to number three singles and then to number four. So how about those big hit # 2 songs? The songs that were robbed of their chance to reach the top. I mean, they were so very close. Many of these almost # 1 hits spanned an incredibly long time at their place on the chart. Let me tell you, these astounding # 2 songs became some of the biggest hits in chart history. In fact, some of these 2 hits became more memorable than some of those # 1 hits. After all, 1 is the loneliest number that you could ever be. The 2s have their own party going on!

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The Billboard # 1 Singles of 2003

bILLBOARD design No 1 2003

9s and 4s For the Number 1 Singles of 2003 

It’s 9s and 4s this year. No, I am not talking about the Enneagram of Personality, but 9s and 4s seem to be the favorite for the top singles of 2003. The music of this decade had grown up. The teen pop stars like Brittney and Christina outgrew their earlier image, and Justin Timberlake went solo. Mainstream music became edgier and we getting more into the groove with the sound of the 2000s. The tides were changing. What was on the sidelines, became the forefront.

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The Updated # 1 Singles of 2002

Updated 02

As a continuation of my last blog post on 2001, I made revisions and a major updates on my article for the Number 1 Singles of 2002. I wanted to provide some level of continuity from the year 2001. I originally wrote this article about 2002, nearly three year ago. I have a tendency to not go in order and jump all over the place with these number one song reviews. However, there is new information on the songs and information of what was going on the Billboard Hot 100 chart during this year. There is one thing that I noticed recently about this blog post. I originally published this blog post on September 11, 2017.

What stood out in 2002 was the stagnant chart movement. There were less big surprises such as top ten debuts and very enormous jumps into the top 10, although there was one exception for 2002. Many of the song titles were airplay tracks with even less commercial singles available than in previous years. Economics played a factor. Plus, the manufacturing of commercial singles was not no longer cost effective with diminishing returns. Again, there were exceptions sometimes, especially when the time was right.

With the chart movement stagnating, it created some wacky results in the upper parts of the Billboard Hot 100. On some weeks, it seemed clogged within the top 40. Furthermore, the Billboard number one singles for 2002 is now updated and online for your viewing. The updated article can now be viewed by clicking the link below. It will open up directly to the article.

The Big 7 of 2002






The 14 # 1 Singles of 2001 and Remembering September 11, 2001

The 14 # 1 Singles of 2001 and Remembering September 11, 2001



Updated on September 11th, 2021

Welcome to 2001, we’re officially into the new millennium. There was a considerable flow of # 1 singles last year. We concluded the year 2000 with the Destiny’s Child hit, “Independent Women Part I.” We all want to know though, will there be a part 2, girls? So musically, this year closes in on that late ’90s/early 2000s sound. It was the bridge the crossed the late 90s into the 2000s, possessing traits of both decades. In general, this time period was largely dominated by boy bands, teen pop stars, post grunge, Latin Pop, Nu Metal, slick/poppier sounding R&B music, and a very mainstream sound. Overall, it was a lighter atmosphere in popular music and the Hot 100 reflected this during 1999-2001. One aspect that began to change this year was the teen oriented music. Younger audiences began to outgrow the teen pop and boy bands beginning in 2001. Other artists and genres would survive further into the 2000s and evolve with the times. The one thing that stood out in 2001 were some of the # 1 hits. This year provided the Hot 100 Singles with a different and innovative sound not heard before and gave the top songs a breath of fresh air. 

The retail singles market faded even further this year. The physical singles market declined by 36.5% by the end of 2000. Strong airplay points were the key factors to reach the top. Of course, music downloads played a part in the decline. The free music sharing site, Napster, closed its doors this year. However, it did not stop other peer-to-peer file sharing networks from springing up. LimeWire and eventually Kazaa/Kazaa Lite got into the music file sharing game. Do you remember those virus ridden peer-to-peer sites? Eventually, legitimate paid download sites were in the works. Windows XP and the neverending Mac OS X made its debut this year which were major enhancements in their operating systems. Technology was moving at a faster pace, yet Billboard Magazine was not quite there yet with their charts.

The chart movements were still interesting in 2001. There were two of the top singles which spanned an overall long time on the chart while others stayed within the 20-30 range. One peculiar happening during 2001 were non-consecutive runs at the top. It was the trend this year for the same song to reclaim the # 1 spot in a nonconsecutive order. Six artists would achieve their first number one single while one of these artists surprised us all with two big hits. 2001 stands out as a favorite for fans of the 2000s decade. There were a plethora of big hits stemming from this year.

While we look back at Billboard’s top songs of 2001, I have also written about the tragic events of September 11, 2001. It is an important section that I care to discuss and something that we will never forget. That being said, let us first dive into the # 1 singles of 2001.

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Let It Be

Let it Be

50 Years Ago, The Beatles Made History On the Billboard Hot 100


There was a universe out there and The Beatles were spanning their own cosmos. The fab four from Liverpool, England dominated the world with their cultural and musical impact. John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr were across the universe and took the world by storm. I mean alien life forms light years away were rocking out to Sargent Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band! The Beatles fashioned a musical impact in the ’60s and it seemed unstoppable. At the same time, tensions were mounting, egos were skyrocketing and the band felt trapped within the extraordinary Beatles phenomenon. Also, each band members interest began to drift outside of the group by 1969.

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The Billboard # 1 Singles of 2005

05 design

The Billboard # 1 Singles Enters The Digital Age in 2005

We arrive at the summit of the first decade of the 2000s. It’s 2005 already! There were already many technological innovations going on in the world. These same advancements were also implemented into the Billboard charts. The premiere chart barometer, the Billboard Hot 100 chart, was revitalized yet again. It was the third time that the chart’s methodology was revised in its existence.

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February 12, 2005 Billboard Goes Digital


15 Years Ago The Billboard Hot 100 Chart Revised Its Methodology To Include Digital Downloads

The Billboard Hot 100 chart was designed to rank the top 100 songs of the week based on sales and radio airplay. The official Billboard Hot 100 features the week’s most popular songs across all genres. It is presently ranked by radio airplay monitored by Nielsen BDS (Broadcast Data Systems), sales compiled by SoundScan and streaming activity provided by online music sources. It also includes YouTube video plays. Since its inception, the Billboard Hot 100 has gone through many changes. This particularly applies to changing times and consumer trends. Up until 2005, the Billboard Hot 100 chart only used airplay and sales for its data. However, in February of 2005, Billboard implemented a major innovation to include digital downloads into its sales counts.

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Ringing In Y2K With The # 1 Singles of 2000


signbot (1)

Looks like we made it! We survived the Y2K bug and nothing happened. The good news was the Billboard charts made it through fine. Our beloved hit barometer did not get backdated to 1900 and there weren’t any screwy chart shakeups. The world partied like 1999 and now it’s back to business. The economy was at its peak during this time, the era, and the internet was taking over everything we do. The internet was quickly monopolized our society in the 21st century. The computer revolution became a major part of how we purchased and listened to music. In fact, Billboard Magazine initiated the Top Internet Album Sales chart in 1999. It was a move to keep up with the ever increasing trends of consumer tastes. Billboard was back and ready to go for all new chart action. A new year begins along with a new century and the dawn of a new millennia.


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Stepping Into The ’90s: 1991

Billboard Street Fighter

Moving away from the recycled 80s sound and stepping into the 90s. It’s the beginning of a new era for the Billboard Hot 100 Singles.

The year is 1991 and we’re wading deeper into the ’90s. Stylistically, it still was that precursor to the ’90s sound. It’s almost like 1989-1991 were sharing the same apartment. By the end of year, 1991 is ready to move on to that uncharted territory of the ’90s. So it’s still the early ’90s style, neon clothes, big hair, Bugle Boy Jeans, Cavariccis were still in vogue. There was still a cheesy factor in the landscape of popular music of the year but there were progressions in the development of popular 90s music. There were some amazing album releases to come out this year. The first Lalapalooza tour debuted this year. If want to know what it is, think of it as Coachella but with real and far better music!

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The Black Eyed Peas 1-2 Punch

The Black Eyed Peas Championship Chart Run On the Hot 100 in 2009





10 years ago, The Black Eyed Peas made a historical accomplishment on the Billboard Hot 100. The Black Eyed Peas ran a 26 week stay at the # 1 position! No, not with the same song, but the group ran an amazing run with 2 of the biggest songs in 2009 and of the decade. The Black Eyed Peas spent half of the year at # 1. The supergroup exploded on multiple Billboard charts with their album, The E.N.D., including the singles from the album. Two of which were released from this very album. So it was hardly the end for the Black Eyed Peas nor the Beginning. It was more like their major climactic mark on superstardom.

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The Billboard Hot Rap Songs Chart Celebrates 30 Years

30 Years of Hot Rap Songs

hot rap singles

On the week of March 11th of 1989, Billboard Magazine published the 1st Hot Rap Singles chart. The popularity of Rap has exploded into the mainstream. Rap has become one of the most popular musical genres today. The influence of Rap is heard in modern R&B music, Dance, Latin, and Pop music. There were also Rock, Metal and even Country artists who have also incorporated elements of Hip-Hop into their music. The chart was originally titled Hot Rap Singles. The chart is now called “Hot Rap Songs.” So the premier Billboard chart for Rap celebrates 30 years this week.

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1996 On the 8

96 logo

Exploring The “8” # 1 Songs of 1996

By 1996, you weren’t in Kansas anymore Toto. The Billboard Hot 100 Singles became a different landscape and musical genres were varied and all over the place. There was not a uniform sound for the Hot 100 and the typical top 40 mainstream music seemed like a thing of the past on this chart. The Billboard Hot 100 Singles measured musical genres coming from all angles. Hip-Hop contributed a big impact to this chart. Top 40 radio stations splintered into different formats such as Mainstream Top 40, Rhythmic Top 40 and Adult Top 40. Measuring popular tastes in the 90s spanned a more complex look across musical tastes that appealed to many audiences.

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The Complete List of Airplay Only Hits for 1987-1998

The Entire List Of Airplay Only Songs That Never Made It On the Billboard Hot 100 Singles

Here it is! Every airplay song which did not enter on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles chart. That’s right, I created an entire list of songs that picked up airplay but the song was otherwise ineligible to enter the 100 chart. These songs rose up on Billboard’s Hot 100 Airplay chart. The reason for this was that Billboard required songs to be a retail single which consumers could purchase. Promo copies were not eligible. The airplay chart feeds into each song title’s points on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. This plays into each song’s chart placing.

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December 5th 1998, The Anniversary of Airplay Only Tracks Inclusion on the Hot 100

Updated August 5, 2019

Twenty years ago on December 5th of 1998, the Billboard Hot 100 Singles chart was reconfigured yet again. This was twice in one decade where Billboard changed the way singles were charted. This date is monumental in the history of the Billboard Hot 100. On this date in late 1998, Billboard included airplay only tracks or album tracks to chart on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles. Now it was possible for airplay tracks from popular albums to be included on the chart. Songs could enter on the Hot 100 chart without being available to purchase at music or retail stores. The Hot 100 Singles chart received a new title to just the Billboard Hot 100.

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November 30th 1991, The Day the Billboard HOT 100 Singles Were Forever Changed By the Nielsen BDS and SoundScan

November 30th 1991, The Day the Billboard HOT 100 Singles Were Forever Changed By the Nielsen BDS and SoundScan

Originally Published – August 29, 2017

Revised/Updated – November 23, 2018 & July 30, 2019

The Beginning of Modern Day Charting on the Billboard HOT 100

On November 30th of 1991, the Billboard HOT 100 Singles made a major innovation. Billboard Magazine revitalized the Billboard HOT 100 chart to accurately detail airplay and the bar-codes from purchased singles. Retail singles at this time, came in a variety of formats such as: cassettes, CDs, 7″ vinyl, 12″ records, CD maxi (multi track) singles, and Maxi cassette singles.

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The Most and The Least

The Most and the Least Records For Number One Songs

Updated January 15, 2021

In Billboard’s legacy, some years experienced an abundance of top hits and other years contained only a few top hits for the calendar year. It was quite a site to see such variances in the amount of # 1s, year by year. So in this post, we will look at the years where the Billboard Hot 100 clocked in with the most number one singles and the very least amount of singles hitting number one. In addition to that, I have an updated list of singles that spent the most weeks and the least weeks in the top ten. These years that I’ll be reviewing are major milestones for the Billboard Hot 100.

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The Biggest Drops From The # 1 Spot

Updated January 9, 2021

In a previous blog post, I reviewed clusters of Number 1 songs spending consecutive weeks at the number one spot. I picked up on a certain amount of songs from 1974 which had a peculiar pattern to it. That same cluster had one week # 1 songs, which included dramatic falls from the top. I mean, these songs really fell, like right out of the top ten! It was not the first time that this happened. Such an occurrence was a very rare happening. In this blog post, I will review all of the songs that made the biggest drops from # 1. In addition to that, I have some new findings on these records. So, here are the songs which hold the record for the biggest drops from number one.

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The Class of 1993

The Ten Number # 1 Singles of 1993


It’s hard to believe that 1993 was 25 years ago! The Billboard Hot 100 Singles chart was a little over a year into using the Nielsen Soundscan/Broadcast Data Systems on its chart and there were so many changes going on. 1993 brought 10 number one songs for the year. Mariah Carey and Janet Jackson dominated the charts. R & B songs made it to the top, a classic rock artist came back from hell and soundtrack songs continued their chart dominance. Nearly every number song was certified platinum for sales of over 1 million copies. So without further adieu, let’s look back at Billboard’s number one songs of 1993.
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The Billboard Hot 100 Top # 3 Songs

The Billboard Hot 100 Top # 3 Songs

Updated – September 16, 2019

Hey, We’re Number 3! Here’s a Look at Singles and Songs Spending the Most Weeks at Number Three

Through the course of history of the Hot 100, there have many memorable number ones. These songs stick with us through the course of lives. Perhaps, these tunes are the soundtrack to our lives. Now, even the number two songs provided us with a variety of songs which have been timeless. Sometimes these are better and more memorable than some of the biggest # 1 songs. Then there are the number 3 songs. They were two steps away from the top but still manged to be popular songs. So many of these tunes are classic songs that are so memorable and have not gone away. The Billboard Hot 100 is a competitive field and getting to the top isn’t easy.

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1995 A Year of Record Breakers

Intro 95

In the year of 1995, the Billboard Hot 100 would experience an astonishing year of record breakers which had not been seen before. Newly charting singles entered in very high positions and one song still has an honorable place in chart history. This was an exciting year to see such enormous shakeups that would take place.

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Additions and Updates to The Biggest Drops From # 1, Consecutive One Week # 1 Songs, & The Most and The Least

January 16, 2021

Hello Billboard Chart watchers, I decided to make some changes and new additions to three older blog posts. These three blog articles were written in 2018. My latest blog article about 2020 greatly affected the information in the posts, so I deemed it necessary to make changes to the three aforementioned blog posts.

Furthermore, here are links to these blog posts. The links will open up in a new tab.

The Biggest Drops From The # 1 Spot

There were new songs to add to this fateful list. I have also put in more analysis about that late 1974 time period.

Consecutive One Week #1 Songs

There were more singles to add towards the clusters of week after week # 1 singles.

The Most and The Least

Here, I discuss the interesting contrast of statistics and milestones of # 1 singles in the high and the low categories.

So, those are my latest updates. 2020 certainly had an effect on these older blog posts. If you haven’t read this yet, check out my last blog article all about the # 1 Singles of 2020. Coincidentally, there were 20 songs that hit # 1 for 2020. This makes 2020 the year with the most # 1 hits on the Hot 100 since 1991. That’s all for now and thank you for your patronage.